Contact Us

For general inquiries, email to Info <at> MoistureFestival <dot> org


Moisture Festival Board of Directors:

Ron W. Bailey - President

Phil O'Brien - Vice President

Maque daVis - Secretary
Mike Bailey - Treasurer

Amanda Lee

Bob Greco
Charly Castors

Jennifer Wensrich

Katherine Bragdon

Marv Osterhout

Sandy Neale

Shirley Thom

Thomas W. Hillier

Tim Furst

To email the Board: Board <at> MoistureFestival <dot> org


Moisture Festival Contacts:

Artistic Director - Ron W. Bailey

RonW <at> MoistureFestival <dot> org

Director of Smooth Operations - Jennifer Wensrich

Jennifer <at> MoistureFestival <dot> org

Director of Development - Cheryl Angle
Development <at> MoistureFestival <dot> org

Sponsorships - Cheryl Angle
Sponsorships <at> MoistureFestival <dot> org

Press & Publicity - Ron W. Bailey
Press <at> MoistureFestival <dot> org

Office Magician - Kate Frisby

Admin <at> MoistureFestival <dot> org

Burlesque Team - Cathy Sutherland, Martha Enson, & David Crellin
Burlesque <at> MoistureFestival <dot> org

Ticketing & Group Sales - Jennifer Wensrich
ticketquestions <at> MoistureFestival <dot> org

Booking Coordinator - Tim Furst
Booking <at> MoistureFestival <dot> org

Aerial Coordinator - Cathy Sutherland
Aerial <at> MoistureFestival <dot> org

Performer Liaison - Angela Parisi
Performerinfo <at> MoistureFestival <dot> org

Volunteer Coordinators - Jennifer Wensrich & Kara Sweidel
Volunteers <at> MoistureFestival <dot> org

Housing Coordinators - Rodman & Susan Miller
Housing <at> MoistureFestival <dot> org

Flight Transportation Coordinator - Cathy "CJ" Johnson
PlaneTickets <at> MoistureFestival <dot> org

Ground Transportation Coordinators - L. J. & Rick Purtee

Transportation <at> MoistureFestival <dot> org



The Moisture Festival Photographers are

Michelle Bates
John Cornicello
David Rose
James McDaniel Facebook
Robert Falk

each photographer can be contacted via their website

The Moisture Festival Videographers are
Alan Plotkin YouTube

Michael Falcone, Anarky Productions

If you are interested in performing at the Moisture Festival
please click HERE for more information

To contact the Moisture Festival by mail, write to us at
Moisture Festival
P.O. Box 17484
Seattle, WA 98127

You may also telephone us at the festival's salon/office:
(206) 297-1405
It might take us a few days to return your call, so please email us for a faster response.

The amount of work that goes into the Moisture Festival year-round is immense, and without our volunteer staff it would be impossible to accomplish. The staff's enthusiasm is matched by their inspiring skills.