43 Tricks

Jay Gilligan and Wes Peden, two Americans living in Stockholm, Sweden, will fly to Seattle to give us a taste of their remarkable juggling tricks. After viewing their video and struggling to describe what I saw, I could do no better than their website description: "Jay has weird elbows that can bend the wrong way, and Wes can't spell very well so they juggle and eat Japanese food together. One of them has a routine where they do violently intricate 5 ball juggling while their feet twist around like squirrels in bumper cars. The other has a trick which ends with a used paintbrush in his mouth and a song stuck in his head. They have an act together and in it they do things that you can't find on the internet!" This is their first time at the Moisture Festival ... if you don't see them, you'll be told about it by those who did. Things that you can't find on the internet.

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