Blanche DeBris

American Treasure Blanche DeBris is exceedingly tingly to have been asked back to the Moisture Festival, the place of her burlesque birth in 2008. Miss DeBris has been entertaining herself and occasionally others for more years than she can reliably count, and has performed internationally and in Canada (accidentally). Reviews range from "Devastatingly adequate!" to "Not as appalling as some others!" And if America had a sweetheart, Blanche would be her well-meaning but less attractive best friend. She is the "high-class hostess" of Live Burlesque in Las Vegas... a monthly burlesque show that takes place live, and in Las Vegas. Ms. DeBris dedicates her performance to all her mommies back at the ranch, and to that lady that may be her grandmother, 'cause she collects the application fees from all the men who keep coming in to interview to be her father.

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